Learning is of utmost importance. I am not talking of what they teach in schools and colleges, but things which no one teaches us, but we learn, everybody does, to a smaller or greater extent. There are many times when I had made mistakes, and many a times I have repeated them but now what I have Learned is – I should not repeat my mistake, committing another is no problem but the same problem should not be repeated. Learning is a process in which we grasp something from others precious knowledge or from our bitter experience ( Happy moments don’t teach you anything.

Laugh : Laughter, makes you rich in hemoglobin 🙂 haha ! The life is full of sorrows, there is no escape from sufferings, but you can release yourself from that pain by laughter. It is not so that those people who laugh don’t have problems, but they have the attitude that it will be tackled. No matter what the situations are, no matter what the phase are you going through, everything will be overpowered by your positive attitude, only if you keep it.

Love : The only thing in this universe which can’t be traded. It is only given. Being loved is a thing which anyone would like to hear about him/her. But what I think is you can only love somebody you cant decide whether you should be loved by him or not. Love as if you are never hurt, and it will give you immense pleasure in watching your beloved person happy. If someone has hurt you and still you are loving him without any complaint, take it from me he/she will start loving you more. Just Love whatever is around you and everything around will fall in love with you. Love yourself , love your family, love your friends and that is all is needed of you, this will automatically make you the favorite and most loved person of all. After all, it is love, what everybody is seeking !

Live: Live it. Live life as if you are going to die tomorrow, then that will become the happiest day of your life. When you start enjoying minute things which happen around us, then they give you a big big amount of energy which keeps you charged up all the time. So, just Live it !

Learn, Laugh, Love and Live Life